February 9, 2010

“Pregnant” QL

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:11 pm by xueyu82

Today, during lunch, we went to the hawker centre (small one) to makan. Since CM, HY and me are eating chicken rice, QL, Cherie, Sherona and Thomas shared one table. Me and HY and CM were talking and were so engrossed in our conversation, we didn’t realise QL was missing until we were ready to leave. Then Thomas said she was still hungry, so she went to buy makan. LoL. Then crappy me accused Thomas of pregnating her, therefore making her eat more since her baby also needs to eat. Then started alot of bo liao jokes like where he pregnate her and such. All this while I was shaking my head and telling him that just that morning, our lecturer told us NOT TO marry because of baby and do not have pre-marital sex. MY GOD!! You should see his face!! His face turned red lor!!

QL came back, not knowing anything, and we kept laughing at her and Thomas. Then Thomas beat QL, and I told him if he did that, he’ll be killing one and losing 2 lives. QL hear until blur blur lor!! It was a day for laughter. =)

And guess what? For Robert’s class, my group’s doing on PCB!! Yeah!! It’s engineering lor!! Wahahaha,,,I’m so happy!! Cause it’s something I’m good in la. Well..more or less, after having work in an engineering manufacturing company for 2yrs+ and being their in-house engineer for 1yr+. ^_^ So happy!!

Oh ya..even taught Stacie how to do animations!! Yippee!! Hope she’s feeling better though….


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